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Napkins, Teacups, Ribbon


Photo by Natalie Bowers. Some rights reserved.

As soon as I saw this photo on the 1000words site, I knew the kind of story I wanted to write to go with it. I wanted to portray the ribbon of undercurrent that sometimes runs beneath a roomful of clinking teacups and coffee-morning smiles, and I wanted to do so from the perspective of a mother whose child doesn’t quite fit the high-flying, high-tea mould that the picture might suggest.

I went through several drafts and re-writes to get the story right, while the story kept on calling, from the photo, to be written.

 Napkins, Teacups, Ribbon was the story I eventually wrote, and it was published on  1000words last week. I’m so happy that a lot of people liked it and that it seemed to strike a chord.

You can read the story here. I hope you like it too.